The spraycan is a Norwegian invention!

patent sketch of spraycan by Erik Rotheim in 1926 Have you ever thought about where the spraycan comes from? -What kind of genious came up with the idea to put paint in a tin can with an intricate system to spread out paint evenly on any kind of surface? -I'll tell you: His name was Erik Rotheim, an egineer from the cold country called Norway. His first patent is dated October the 8th 1926! That makes the spraycan 75 years old!

Although in the swedish book called "Spray konst" they claim that the spraycan was invented by the Americans during world war 2. Obviously this is not the case!

The spraycan is as Norwegian as Helly Hansen...

Knowledge is king!
Invention text and sketch was first published in Backjumps magazine. Written by PayTwo

Norwegian stamp with spraycan Pleasently the national Norwegian post stamps has a model with the can represented on them. In 1998 the Norwegian postsystem printed hundreds of thousands of stamps with spraycans on as a tribute to the Norwegian invention. (this is no joke!)

Oslo's phonebook coverpage 1999 In 1999 Oslo's phonebook's coverpage had an illustration of an artist painting a canvas -with spraycan as tool. If this was to tribute Erik Rotheim's invention, or a tribute to norwegian graffiti artists is not known.

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