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In what ways do you feel that you get inspiration?
Everything and nothing of deep in the forrest or the innercity. The paintings of Salvador Dali, the herb and a cold beer, posetive people and philosophy.

What do you usually do in your spare time?
I like drawing, reading, and I study plants and natural medicine on a hobby basis. Pluss I paint canvases.

Do you paint alot of canvases?
Yeah, oil on canvas. Ive got three unfinished ones now and a couple that are finished. Ive just started with it and like it a lot.

How the fuck have you had time to fill up 12 plastic bags with sketches?!!!
I'm just drawing all the time...I'm an addict. But there's only a small part of the sketches that Ive actually kept. If I kept all my sketches I would have to move to a bigger appartment haha. But seriously I just love to draw and be creative!

Do you think that graffiti will change in any ways in the future?
I guess so, but I'm not nostradamus so I don't know what direction.

I've been told that you almost dont paint anymore. Do you have anyting to comment on that?
I don't paint as much as I would like to, and the reasons are many. But when I do go out I like to go alone. I like the quitness and the control of painting alone.
Have any last words, or tips to new writers ?

Try to combine quality and quantity and go your own way. Don't just be a sheep following the mainstream.

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