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Copenhagen 1995


Odense 1995

Moss 1996

Copenhagen 1995

Fredrikstad 1996

Fredrikstad 1997


 av THOMAS STØNJUM © 01.03.00

Exem you're one of Norway's oldest writers and are still painting. What made you start, when was this and how old are you now?
There was a friend of mine that was breakdancing and also did some graffiti in 1984. When he showed me what it was about I was stoked ! I thought breakdancing was the coolest fysical activety I had ever tried and graffiti pleased my intelectuality.

Still I was very young and understood only the visual of this and not the meaning. Now 16 years later in an age of 26 I hopefully understand a bit more of the culture then what I did back then.

What do you think about the way the graffiti movement has developed?
What I really like is that there has never been as many good writers as there is now...on a global level that is. Unfortunatly when there is alot of good writers there is even more toys and biters! But it probably has to do with the time we're living in that its become important to think alot and do crazy stuff - so people steal eachothers ideas. At the same time we are now surrounded by security guards everywhere and police wich does it much more difficult to paint illegal. This has lead to that those who paint trains and risky spots have become more rough and criminal with time. Media focuses alot on the "mean" taggers who destroys for millions every year. This has made a wrong impression on the beginners who hear about graffiti for their first time. Your first impression on graffiti and hiphop I believe is very important on how your attitude becomes later on when being involved.

During the 80's it wasnt so important to live like a gangster. There was other values that was important. What I think is important in the future is to hold on the original values in hip hop and not let this become something else then what it started out as, because then the good vibes and feelings will disappear.

How much do you paint now compared to what you used to do, and what makes you keep going?
I paint less now then what I used to do some years ago. Before it was important for me to get an identity, I then tagged and painted a whole lot. But nowdays I paint pieces mostly just for my own sake. I don't have any possebilety to stop, because Ive done this for almost all my life and it's an important part of my personality.

How is it to be a writer in Norway?
I can only talk about my own situation, and when you ask something like that I start to think about the government that limits the freedom of us citizens. Limiting what and how people can express themselfs.
Norway is a small country with too few good painters, and too many that arent good at all. This leads to that the inspirasjon isnt as big as in other places in Europe.


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