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 by Graffiti Pic Poster © 13.09.99

What do you write and what crews are you in ?
Foks THT

Why do you write that and where did you get your name from?
I don't really remember. I was just thinking about the name and liked the letters. To have letters that you like is very important.

For how long have you been painting graffiti?
Activly for about 3 years.

What made you start?
A friend of mine gave me a FatCap magazine, and I bited a Bits piece. Later on I found out that it wasnt a too smart thing to do.

Who do you feel has given you inspiration?
In the beginning it was the big norwegian writers such as Hets and Poker. People that were in magazines. Afterwards it became people such as Kent, german style.

What do you feel has changed the most from when you started until now?
Before I used to paint together with only certain others, but now Ive got to know alot more writers. And I have become alot better.

What is it that motivates you to paint graff? What goes through your mind when you go out to bomb?
It's like a drug - you just can't stop, and you think about it all the time. If you are involved with graff it takes most of your time and life. Before I go out to paint I think out where to go and how to do the piece.

Do you feel any guilt?
No, not at all ! I don't look upon graff as crime. It's pretty crazy that if you get busted you can get longer custody then pedofily criminals.

Have you had any experiences with Security Consept?
I've met them a couple of times. They're not like what they used to be - they were more crazy before.

Do you count your pieces, and if so how many have you done?
Between 500 and 600. 250 of them are trains.

Do you travel alot to other countries to paint?
I travel as much as I can. And I've painted in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland and France.

Do you have any goals or dreams?
I have a goal about making a wholetrain, but if this will happen it probably won't be in Norway.

Who deserves most respect; those who do alot of quantity or those that struggle with making quality?
I go for quality, but I respect those that go for the quantity too.

What do you think of internet pages compared to magazines, books and videos?
I haven't really checked it too much out yet. But if the pages are good that's cool. I think it will recruit more writers too.

What do you think about people that only paint legal?
If they like that then that's good for them. But then alot of the point about graff is gone. The excitement is important. It must be boring in the long run to paint only legal.

What do you think about the graff scene in Oslo as it is nowdays?
Actually it's totally fucked up ! There is no scene here to say it with other words. Everybody is in groups and against eachother. And everyone gets claimed for biting.

What do you think will happen with graff in the future?
Hopefully it will stay alive. I don't think styles will change that much.

As a writer you get certain experiences and adventures that 'normal' people don't have. Like we have an own small world - please tell a little chase story!
One day Geez, Neil and me that were pretty early in a train yard to paint. We checked it out and it seemed pretty ok so we started to paint. It was during winter and it was pretty cold. We had been painting for about 10 minutes or something. I went a bit back to get a view of my piece and to warm my hands. Then I saw six or seven people entering the other side of the yard. We just stood there and watched them enter. They were just standing there and at the same time jumping up and down to stay warm. Unfortunatly they saw us so we started to run up an old freight train track. We stopped up for a bit and saw them comming after us. Then all of the sudden this large guy came running right up behind us. We got out through a small hole in a fence and got a short lead. We spread forces and ran each our direction. I ended up with laying down in a garden, while Geez was hiding another place and we stayed there for about 15 minutes. Neil was hiding his own place and didn't lay around for too long and got up. When he got up he met a security guard who asked him if he had seen any taggers. Neil said he hadn't seen any and got a light for his smoke from the security guard ! I met him later and we went down to the train station and took the first train away.

There was three others that was supposed to paint together with us, and were to meet us down in the central of the city. Unfortunatly they got busted for the pieces we had started on. At least we got away. Geez had walked straight by a guard with snow all over him. He wasn't stopped he just got an angry look after him and went into a shop an bought a soda. The guard didn't really care about trying to catch anyone either because they had already busted 3 others. They were put in jaila night, while we who had painted got away. Shit happens !

Any last words?
Yeah I want to give shout outs to: Geez, Nevis, Vader, Hets, Peli, Yoes, Kars, Tube, Ater, Fres, Sire, Taxi, Wirl and the rest of the boys.

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