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Sketch by Hoax

Axys by Hoax




Sketch by Hoax




Sketch by Hoax



 by THOMAS STØNJUM © 14.03.99

So MrHoax, when did you start out with graff?
I started to interest for graff in '92. Iv'e always been impressed of the visiual effect that the taggs and pieces have in cities, and Iv'e always been drawing.

Do you have other names then just Hoax?
Yeah, I write Axys also, because I was thinking about using it as a legal name. Unfortunatly that didn't happen and I now use both.

What kind of graffiti do you do most; streetbombing, trains or walls?
I'm mostly down with wall graff. I want to do more trains, but its quit hard to do them in Norway. And I also want to travel more so people from other countries can see my work. I've never posted any of my photos to magazines.

Many people say that trains is the only real graffiti - what do you think about that?
Trains is where the graffiti started, but still its not the only place that its real. Art is visual communication. I dont care what writers think of my kind of work or where they want to observ my art.

What places have you painted, and where can most of your stuff be seen?
Hard question. Just be on the run and you'll come over something. I will try to make more stuff. In the future I have some major projects. I'm no big man, but will do my best to be one.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
My inspiration gets to me from cartoons and others work. What I draw depends of how I'm feeling. The best sketches comes when my life sucks the most ! One of my favorite places to think is in the shower.

You used to live in Fredrikstad, but have now moved to Oslo. Why did you move, and what do you think about the differences of the scenes compared to eachother?
I moved to Oslo because of my study situation. The design school is close to Oslo city.

The difference between Fredrikstad and Oslo is pretty much peoples way of thinking. I believe that most of the youth in Oslo that write dont look upon graff as real art.

Ofcourse the enviroment has a big influence on how the writers are acting. It's hot and rough in Oslo !

But still Fredrikstad has a serious graff scene. I like those who bomb there, but there is no real bombers in my old town. In one way I like that. We can do walls and people will respect our pieces. It's important to be serious. Get famous, but do it with style.

Since you skateboard alot, do you think it has influenced you in any ways?
In very many ways actually. I'm always thinking of art (graff) when I'm skating.. It's also important for me to get adrenalinrushes when I skate or snowboard. I have to be physical.

So what kind of music do you like?
I like jazz inspired rap, rap with funky beats and eastcoast. I also listen alot to the radio.

Do you feel that youve contributed with anything new to the culture?
Yes in some ways. I've got my own style and way of thinking. But I feel that I have just started. Its school that takes my time now. Later I will take back the time I have lost. I have very much inside my head that is waiting for a clean spot. Wait and see, I will be heard of.

Do you have any special plans or goals to a place you want to paint or thing to do?
I have alot of goals for my future. I will work harder so I can show people what graff can be compared to traditional canvas art. I want to travel more, meet writers and try to get money out of my work. So far Im satisfied.

If the world froze for one hour and you could have done whatever you wanted, what would you then do?
If I saw a wonderful wall or a place to paint I always think about how it would be if the world froze. I would hit down on famous buildings, but havent thought about any specific places actually.

What's the best graff memory you have?
The first piece I ever made ! I had brought with me my dog and started to paint on a privat factory in Fredrikstad. The factory was right by the sea, and I then found out that graffiti was my call.

Have you had much trouble with the police?
I have only been caught once. But I have been chased many times ! One time some idiots called the police and they came with a car full of dogs. I had to escape with a bike, but slammed in to a hole in the ground and got pretty bloody. I hid in a garage for half an hour, and when I arrived my home a police car stopped outside my house and used a flashlight to lighten up my kitchen looking for me.

Wich people have your respect?
I respect serious writers who work hard to put up the best they can. And I respect writers who don't talk shit behind other writers back.

My idols are Mode2, Can2, K-Line, Hex, Swet, Daim, Sabe and Exem. And not to forget Odd Nerdrum, Matt Groening and MC Escher.

And what kind of people do you not respect?
I dont like the people who makes things hard for me. Let me do my thing and I will respect you. I dont like those who judges my graff and talk shit about it - what is good and bad style...what is good art !? I do whatever I want, if you don't like it then piss off. I will only become better.

Shout outs and last words?
Thanks to my Dad who got me down with graff ! He bought me my first two cans. Props to my hardcore mom and bro. Pels Crew - my best men. Peace to writers of Norway and the rest of the world wide vandals. Hoax will kill.

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