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Oslo 1999

Copenhagen 1998

BEA by Hovs

Asker 1999

Oslo 2000

Copenhagen 1999

Kool by Hovs

 av THOMAS STØNJUM © 04.05.00

You go under several names and crews, please give a short personal introduction of yourself and what you write:
I do mostly Hovs/Hov stuff these days eventhough people may know me under other names. My main crew and family is BEA/251, but not to be forgotten is the ASS crew.

It seems to me like you paint alot in Denmark eventhough you live in Norway. Why is that and how are the two countries compared to each other?
Denmark is like my second home. BEA and ASS are both originally Danish crews, and that makes painting there just as normal as painting in Norway. I feel that Denmark is a bit more "free-minded" in rules, systems and the way of looking at graffiti. I really love it there, but for other reasons I also love to live in Norway. Reasons like our beautiful girls and nature are some of them.

Your crew seems to be attracted to cowboy culture. Is it a joke or serious shit?
Haha take it as you like, why be serious all the time, but its all part of the BEASS mentality. But you got to agree that girls look good in cowboy hats and boots.

Norway is a pretty small country, and a lot of the Norwegians travel to other places to gain recognition. Do you travel a lot too?
I've traveled a lot too, but not for gaining recognition. I've done it mostly to see new places, experience other cultures etc. But ofcourse to have your name rolling on steel or painted on a wall in another country gives you a special feeling. And what other Norwegians have done in other countries definitely is worth recognition.

Do you have a favourite city?
Hmm I like the city Zurich, but also other cities are cool. It's all about what kind of friend and experiences I get from each city. Other places to mention are Zwolle, Paris and Brighton.

Back to graffiti - what do you think of the evolution graffiti is having? Thinking about styles and techniques that are being developed all the time - what do you like and dislike?
I'm pretty much inspired by the oldschool NYC writers. To me graffiti is all about letters, readable letters. I'm not a fan of complexed wildstyles and 3d styles; the only one I like of 3d writers is Delta. In one way its great too see that graffiti goes other ways, but people seem to forget the origins of graffiti. There's alot of new kids out there painting, but to be honest I haven't seen much I like, the kids out there copy styles way too much.



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