exem ceng sean tare kazy hoax streetart coderock kid foks
Oslo 1998

Kiel 1999

Kard by Hovs

Hamburg 1997

Belgium 1999

Holland 1999

Oslo 1997


The European graffiti seems to be a bit different then what we see from USA. What do you think of what you've seen of the American graff compared to stuff around here?
I think Europe has taken over graffiti. New American graff don't give me anything anymore. Of course they still do a lot of cool stuff, but Europe is leading the race and has got a much greater graffiti scene.

If you hadn't been painting graffiti do you think you would have been doing something else creative?
I'm already doing other creative stuff except graffiti. Nowdays I do much more creative stuff on other levels then graff. I feel bad about that sometimes, but doing paintings and graphics e.t.c. also gives me alot.

What do your parents think about what you do?
They used to like it. But after lots of negativity in the press etc. the last 6-7 years they have changed their opinions.

Most people don't like graffiti; can you understand them in any way?
Ofcourse I can understand them in some ways, but honestly fuck them. It's a subcult and outsiders rarely understand subcults.

Is it important for you that 'normal' people like your pieces?
No not really. It's important for me that I like my piece, something I still have left to achieve. It doesn't hurt when other writers like my stuff that is always good though.

Suckers by Hovs & Wish
Copenhagen 1998

Who's your favourite writer?
I can't really say, because I'm inspired by lots of writers. I can never have only one favorite.

Do you have a special memory that you can tell about?
Yeah, once Allie BEA and me were waiting outside a yard to do a train. While we waited we saw a hooker use part of the yard as a blowjob spot. It was great entertainment while we were checking out the yard haha.

Do you prefer to paint trains or walls?
Ofcourse trains is the best. Nothing beats the feeling of doing trains, and in my point of view graff belongs on trains. Walls can be cool, but not the same. Still I don't call myself a train writer, because I don't paint enough to be one. Some guys just paint and paint, and I really wish I could have done half of what they do.


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