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Kid & Loze





Kid & Loze


Goal, Kid & Jame

sketch by Kid



 by THOMAS STØNJUM © 02.03.99

When and why did you start with graffiti?
I started late summer of '84. When old drammen town writers like "Eddy & Gerry" was rocking the city. Eddy was the brother of a girl in my class, so he inspired me to start.

Have you been writing KID the whole time?
Ive been writing Kid since 1985. Before that I had names like "Pink" "Tins" "Seem" & "Cere". And I used to write "Nuba" just for fun a couple of years ago, but Ive stopped using that name now.

People consider you as a king of Drammen. Do you have any comments to that?
I don't see myself as a "king". Im just doing my shit. Besides my partner LOZE is at least as king as me.

What do you think of the Norwegian graff scene compared to other countries?
The Norwegian graff scene sucks as many other foreign graffiti scenes. Too much fighting and wars made by jealous writers. Writers should concentrate more on doin fat stuff then fuckin eachother up!

The good part is that Norway is getting more and more good writers who represent our country.

You paint very often together with your partner Loze. Has your friendship made much influence on you and your pieces?
We started together in the early days. I think you can see that on our style, because the only inspiration we had was eachother.

Have you done much stuff outside Norway. What places have you painted and wich did you like the best?
No, not as much as I would would have liked to done. Ive been painting in Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands and ofcourse Italy.

Is there anything within graffiti that you really want to do... like a future goal?
I just want to do my thang as long as possible.

Wich writers has your top respect and why?
I respect anyone who respect me, but I give my top respect to writers like Seen, Duster, Case2, Skeme, Ces, Daim, Loomit, Delta, Bates, Sabe, Rens and Can2.

What do you do when youre not painting. Like do you have any other interests?
I got a very big interest in westcoast rap so I spend alot of time listening to that bayshit. I also have a son, and a 6 to 17 job that takes much of my time.

What do you think about Hip Hop as it is nowdays?
In the days wayback all graff writers were hip-hop'ers. Nowdays many writers don't even know what hip hop is and that's a shame. I think all writers should know what theyre doing and know their roots. There's less hiphop flavor over pieces today.

The police are not so hard on graffiti in Drammen compared to Oslo. Do you know of anyone at all that has had big trouble with the police in your town?
Yes, I've heard that some of the newschoolers have had some problems with the po po's. But I dont think its serious though.

I think the reason why they dont take it so serious is that there's less bombing here compared to Oslo.

People think that you have an official permission for the wall of fame in Drammen. But you don't, what's it like?
You know me and Loze have been in contact with the local authorities, so we have a kind of verbal exemption. Really its only us who's aloud to piece there. But people have been doin their stuff there a long time without getting into trouble. Thats ok with us as long as they dont playahate and takin home their empty cans and garbage !

Is there anything you have done that you are proud of?
It must be that I'm still down, and that I'm "true to the game".

What do you like best of walls and trains?
Walls. Ofcourse trains are cool, but you have to be able to take good photos. I don't think its funny to make a piece that no one sees cause its going to the buff first thing in the morning.

What are you influences?
West coast and bay area rap, and good summer weather !

So what was the graffiti scene in Drammen like in 10 years ago?
It was very quiet, Loze, Web, Game and me were the only ones. But we had a good time though.

Is your magazine Phase 2 Fase ever going to come out again?
I don't know, probably not. Maybe when Loze is movin home from England. I've thought about making a video graff, with stuff from D-town thru all times...

Shout outs you want to give?
Yeah, shout outs to Loze, Ide, Jame, Tes, Raide, Mars, Pay2, Ease, Suavehouse Cobs, all Bayfans, Tele, Dato, Beta, Bates, Swet, Air1, THP crew and to all I might forgot. + a big shout out to my son Sander Sebastian and my girl Heidi!

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