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Tare in France 2000

Tare's blackbook

Tare & Hoax at
Rock The Spot 2002

wildstyle Tare



With Tes & Neks at
Rock The Spot 2001

Tare & Can2 in Asker



What's your main thing you try to accomplish with graff?
I guess I try mainly to express what I'm feeling. Being able to create a place for myself in society, notably in the graff society. Make myself known and recognized. Graffiti is basically a big ego trip I think. I'm an insecure shy person who needs this kind of reassurance!

Are you usually satisfied with what you create?
Never! hehe, if you ask anybody who paints with me, you'll know that I'm always dissing my own pieces, because I know that I can do better. There will always be a problem, some sort of mistake in my pieces. I guess you could say that I'm a perfectionist, never accepting my styles as good enough. Like I say, there will always be a bigger better badder writer than you on this earth!

At what time do you normally get out of bed?
Haha, well, since I work as a dish washer in this restaurant late at night, I usually stay up and don't go to bed until like 4 or 5 in the morning. So naturally I get up late, sometimes as late as 3 pm. That's just the sick routine I've fallen into. But actually I love getting up early, and walking around when nobody is in the streets, like just kickin' it you know? The early bird gets the worm.

Compare the effect of magazines, videos and internet.
I am very much into the internet, having created many websites for myself and others. I love that media actually. It's very easy to use and you get your shit out to so many people, cultures, and societies around the world. I prefer not looking at mags, they just depress me as I see how many people simply burn me to bits by the strength of their styles! Videos are cool to get you motivated to get off the couch and grab a can. The web is def my favorite media though!

Is your reason for writing still the same as when you started?
I think so, yes; I wanted to express myself, touch people, make myself seen and "heard"; I was always a shy kid, who used to stutter alot, and no good at sports at all; graff was to be one of the only true ways I found to express my feelings (I also love writing, as in writing poetry etc...) I also of course love the colors, the flow of the letters, the styles I give to the letters, and the general expression of my personal graff vision... My extra motivation now is my clothing and internet projects, with video clips, pieces, sketches, animations, and step by step plans... I want to show the most people possible the tarestyles "experience"... Get through to people, have them say "hey thats not so bad... it has some flow..." Well, anyway, you know what I mean right?... :)

Since youve travelled so much around the world, what city do you like best and what brand of paint do you prefer?
I really liked Copenhagen, where I painted and chilled, along with FEBER from Oslo; beautiful city, with SO many crazy people, a city that TRULY never sleeps! Strasbourg, my home city, violent and fucked up as it is, is where my heart lays, with most of my friends still living there; also NY, really liked that city, and the vibes I caught from it... I prefer Montana usually; covers best, phat colors, and accepts most caps... Belton is good too though, especially for details and cleanliness. I used to use Krylon alot too, but that can is like water! :-)

Where is your favorite graffiti spot, and what is the best happening memory you have?
Well I paint A LOT in Tes' Hall Of Fame, which is closest to where I live. But the nicest spot was in this beautiful park in Kristiansand, for the jam Rock The Spot 2001: the sun, the blue sky; the magnificent, practically surreal surroundings I was painting in... It was truly quite magic, one of my best memories. Also the first jam I went to in Kristiansand, with Tes and Hoax "Jam For Faen". It was so dope! Really had a fun time, painting, chilling, drinking...

Wich norwegians are your favorites?
Gotta say my main dogs: Tes, Hoax, and Feber. And of course Neks, Bewer, Pigs crew, Kars and Anus. My favorite are the ones who are my real friends, and the cats I chill with... they know who they are! Word.

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