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Christiania Copenhagen

Oslo commuter train

Oslo 1994

Beer by Ceng






 by THOMAS STØNJUM © 02.04.00

Ceng youre known under several names and crews. When was it you got involved and what names do you go under now?
I started drawing sketches and tagging in 1990, and did my first piece in 1991. During 90 - 93 I wrote a whole lot of different names, until I changed it in 93 to CENG (and Beer for fun) VCB, HOPS, SOF & UGG crews.

When you started what writers did you notice and why?
Kazy got me started in the first place. I saw some pieces he had done and later I even got to see his blackbook - and I was really amazed. Other skilled painters was; Cue, Mack, Goal, Duck, Pay2, Wizer, Sean66 etc...

How do you feel it was to be a writer in the early nineties compared to nowdays?
It was very much simpler back then! So I really give credit to those people who are still active bombing and piecing hard. They bring a smile to my lips and give me the urge to go out and be creative ..much respect !

Do most of the writers you started bombing with still paint?
Some do and some don't...most don't.

How do you feel it is to be a writer in Norway?
Well I guess it's ok, but I would rather be in Copenhagen.

If you were to change anything in Norway - what would that be?
The law ! What kind of system puts young graffiti artists to jail for longer then violent people and rapists. There is no justice!!!

Is it important for you that "normal" people get to see your pieces. Or do you paint most for the recognition of other writers?

It depends because if I go out bombing or just do a fast silver piece I couldnt care less. But if there is a planned color production I like regular people to be able to see it. Not to forget the police and other authoreties. It makes me feel like I'm saying to them "Ha ha I proved you wrong. Just hate me, but I know you like my painting. Eventhough your square head wont admit it you can't help looking !"

When you go out painting what kind of places do you prefer?
Wherever comes over my mind at the time. But variety is important on both letters and place.

Do you have any plans for the future?
No plans just dreams. But I would like to travel the world to see all the beautiful cultures and things produced by the different corners of this planet. And I would like to paint the nyc subway.

Wich Norwegian writers do you mean are to be on the outlook for in the future and why?
Definatly Log and Goofy!!! Log is already doing some crazy cool original stuff and he is still very young. Goofy is a hard hitting subway painter who seems to be invisible to the guards. Both are skilled all city bombers that I hope develope their talents to the fullest ! Keep up the good work.


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