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in France 2001


Tare & Hoax in Kristiansand


Love Hurts 2001


Tare's blackbook

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Has the Norwegian language been a problem to you?
Well I've been here for a while now and I must say I'm a lazy bum! I haven't learned my Norwegian. Though I can understand a great deal! It's not disrespect for Norway and their culture, it's just that everybody speaks english so well and its therefore less necessary to learn the language. But hey, mark my words! I WILL learn Norsk aiiight?!

How do you feel it is to be a writer in a country as Norway?
Well that is a hard question to answer! Having been here for a year, I think I'm beginning to get a feel of what it is to be a "Norwegian" writer, though I'm far from feeling 100% Norwegian. The zero tolerance is sick as everywhere; since kids can get jailtime like they killed someone or something, its ridiculous. I think Norwegians are cool, good at partying, yet serious when they have to be. Usually true friends stick by each other always in Norway, I like that. The culture is very much alive and kicking. Many jams going on, especially now in the summer.

I often see you mention love and manic beside your pieces. For a while you did only black pieces, what was that about?
Manic is because I'm diagnosed as manic-depressive, and I find myself often depressed. But even more often in a crazy insanely happy mood. Tare means insane in french. I have a lot of insanity in my family, the Irish roots you know. The dark pieces were because I was going through a dark and painful phase in my life which I will not talk about now.

Have you gotten to see much of Norway?
I have travelled a good deal within Norway. Going to a bunch of jams and shit like that; mainly Stavanger, Kristiansand, Kolbotn, Asker, Spikkestad, Moss, Oslo, Drammen. I'm a BIG fan of Stavanger and Kristiansand, where I think the cats have a good notion of graff and HipHop itself. A good mentality overall, and many good memories there. Better weather,and more relaxed places!

When I knew that I was to go to Norway, I left a message on a Norwegian graff guestbook; just one cat answered, and that was Tes from Asker. We hooked up and did a wall in Drammen. It was cool, I must say he has been my main "entrance" to Norwegian graff and hiphop, later on getting me down with jams and hiphop events. Since then I've been down with a lot of writers here, and have made lots of good friends.

So what's your Tare Styles clothing about?
Yeah my clothing label I'm working on. The response has been pretty positive. Still trying to get my name out and actually sell more than five sweats. I'm currently working with Klovner i Kamp, Oslo Fluid, DJ Goldfinger, Less Du 9, Freestyle from the Arsonists. Getting good feedback from them at least. In the future I want to keep building onto the current models. Now I'm designing a new model for DJ Goldfinger (Norwegian DMC Champion 2001) for sweats, tees and hoodies. I hope to get bigger and that peeps will like the new models, word.

What makes you happy?
Friends, love, beauty, a nice colorful piece, the sun, seeing people wear my clothes... I love summer; travelling with friends, to jams and just painting, chilling and having fun. My girlfriend Maria, whom I love more than life itself; her presence in my life is enough to make me happy!


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